Best Baccalaureate Academy Barquisimeto Near Me

Future Stars Baseball Academy School Baseball Minor Fundalara THE LITTLE GENIUS ACADEMY AgressottMusic Education College Drive Independence Gastronomy School Adelis Sisirucá

1. Future Stars Baseball Academy

· 2 reviews

3P99+36M, Avenida Caroní, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Future Stars Baseball Academy: what do users think?
Jose luis Mujica: It is an academy that rescues and trains future major leagues
Juan Diego Rivas Colmenarez: Excellent, so far the best Venezuelan baseball academy...!

2. School Baseball Minor Fundalara



· 35 reviews

3P99+3PP, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

School Baseball Minor Fundalara: what do users think?
Gregorio Torrealba: Excellent school and its facilities
Michele Montagna: Good facilities, but little parking space
Beatriz Vasquez: Excellent place for sports... Very good facilities....
Oswaldo Rivero: excellent baseball school
Elsy Rodriguez: Excellent school... ❤
Gabriela Arraez: Contact number I would like please
Hugo Jimenez: Excellent minor baseball school... FutureStar Baseball Academy also works
luis sanchez: Baseball school.
Horacio Chu: Full Good Baseball...
Ramiro Franceschi: Excellent school. Very organized. I played from seed to youth and it was a nice experience. Go to nationals, invitations and world cups and make great friends. For me it is one of the best schools, be careful if not the best in Venezuela.
Yoselys Perez: excellent for all children
Yugreli Perez: Spectacular experience
fernando jose hernandez yepez: excellent
Daniel Sánchez: Good place for sports activities
Carlos Castillo: your photos are beautiful

3. Academia Americana - Parroquia Concepción

· 5 reviews

38 Carrera 19, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Academia Americana: what do users think?
Carlos Alberto Martinez Anzola: Very abandoned.....!!!
Oscar Bastidas: dental technician courses
Amado Camacaro: Good morning please or I am calling the number that appears in the publication and they do not answer or they changed their number and did not update it.

4. A.C Academia Santamaria. Escuela de Modas - Parroquia Concepción

· 5 reviews

Calle 26 entre Carrera 25 y Avenida Venezuela Edificio Ropico. 25-60 Piso Autopista Circunvalacion Norte, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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A.C Academia Santamaria. Escuela de Modas: what do users think?
Freyger Parra: They claim to be a school when they simply give small workshops "not courses" and they greatly restrict what they teach in various parts
Kami Castle: 🎉They teach very, very well, it is the best FASHION course!!!🎊INFINITELY RECOMMENDED💜


· 5 reviews

3PC9+55M, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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THE LITTLE GENIUS ACADEMY: what do users think?
little genius academy: lga family
Maryan Torres: More than an academy a family.

6. AgressottMusic

· 17 reviews

3MFV+9GX, Av Venezuela &, C. 14, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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AgressottMusic: what do users think?
David Zavarce: excellent teaching
Plinio Cesar Lomelli Arboleda: Excellent musical academy, I highly recommend it.
Marvel Geeks: Excellent academy ❤️🤘
Miguel Gimenez: Excellent school and teacher. Dedicated and focused on students always developing musically and socially. If you are looking for quality teaching, you are in the right place.
jesus corrales: Excellent musician and very good teacher, I learned to play the electric bass and I'm glad I studied with Professor Javier Agressot👍🙏😎
katherin lopez: Excellent very serious and responsible academy recommended
Cairoly cordero: Excellent Being Part of Your Academy 🤗 teachers with patience and talents Delighted ✨
Rosa Gallardo: Excellent.
marta espinosa: Excellent teachers, my children have learned very well, music classes.
Daniela Onofrietti: Undoubtedly the best music academy, with a beautiful atmosphere, where you can learn and have fun, super recommended, apart from the fact that the location is very central, the best option to start in music
jose agressott: Good music school, one of the best in Barquisimeto, located almost to the east of the city and the prices are very affordable. They have all the musical instruments
Ana María Guanipa Hernandez: very good music teaching
Juan Oviedo: The best music school in Barquisimeto, a dedicated teacher who will teach you a wide repertoire of different musical genres, from Rock to bolero, bachata, merengue, Venezuelan waltzes and many other things. Apart from theory, music theory, and many practice tricks!
Arturo Medina: Without a doubt the best. A lot of patience and an excellent teaching method, and above all a lot of humanity. The best academy if you want to learn from scratch or if you want to perfect what you know.
Deibys Daniel Navas Linares: Excellent teacher, he has a very practical method to understand and to improve very quickly
Alirio Becker: I have a great guitar teacher who has taught me a lot, recommended.
Daniel C/D: Excellent place to learn, recommended 100%
Oscar Carmona: Music school for children, youth and adults with good equipment and teachers with flexible schedules highly recommended
Odalys Figuera: An academy with very good teachers who require you to give more of yourself, it really teaches discipline and they are very aware of the progress of each student.
Larry A. A. Cordero: I am very happy with the progress of my children, very professional teachers and very good attention

7. Education College Drive Independence

· 49 reviews

Avenida Argimiro Bracamonte, entre Avenida Venezuela y Avenida Libertador, Barquisimeto, estado Lara., Av. Libertador, Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela

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Education College Drive Independence: what do users think?
Bianca Brioli: Clean facilities and very friendly staff ❤️
Freddy Agreda: very good school
Eliezer Rea: Good environment good professionals
Eybar Rojas: Excellent institution.
MIGUEL MONTES DE OCA: Excellent school, one of the best in Barquisimeto
Carla Sofia Siracusa: A very bad game I didn't like this game its community and its players are very toxic that's why I love them free fire
Manuel Melendez: The truth is a terrible game, bad graphics, the online is very stuck, the SBMM is very aggressive, the weapon system is very unbalanced, the community is very toxic, very few game modes, in short, a terrible experience
Sofía Rivero: Terrible, my son was bullied and the teachers didn't even notice, one day they stole his empanada, I don't know who but I'm going to find you
Yoel Marquez: At first glance it is a very good level school. The spaces are clean and well maintained. The teachers are uniformed and very well groomed. As for the academic part, I have no knowledge but I am sure that they are very good.
Valmore Jose Paez Perez: Excellent school, the best academic level in Barquisimeto
Yvannia Gonzalez: The best College in Barquisimeto academically speaking. Its facilities are very good.
Santiago Freitez: Cool
MC The King: The entire school is perfect, as such I mean its entire structure, clean bathrooms, tidy classrooms, well-kept patios, well-kept pitch, the teachers except 1, which is the high school math teacher, Marbelis, I don't like how he treats us much less how he speaks to us.
Jesús Luis García París: School of great educational quality, well-kept open spaces and good treatment of the student and representative
Melina Morales: It is the best because now I am an astronaut thanks to the independence school
Mariant Medina: Traffic at the time of arrival and departure of terror, full cars crossed. Education has considerably decreased its level, managerial staff reluctant to update. Adequate facilities for students, if enrollment decreases, there is 1 Single court for all grades from 1st grade to 5th year. There are many aspects to improve in this school, if they are done it will be renowned again.
Adrian Albahaca: It is a very good school, I recommend it
Nestor Rodriguez: Full school, optimal facilities.
Lara V Castellón S: The best school in the world!!!!

8. Gastronomy School Adelis Sisirucá

· 12 reviews

Local 5, entre Carr. 19 y, 20 C. 15, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Gastronomy School Adelis Sisirucá: what do users think?
Tulio Diaz: Prestigious cooking school.
Adelis Sisirucá: School run by chef Sergio Arango together with chefs Nora Muñoz, Briceida Barragan and Pedro Mariño

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