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CEITO Centro de Estimulación Infantil en Terapia Ocupacional Psicopedagogo, Ana Gabriela Goyo Psicologo Thailena Duran / Terapista del Lenguaje Maria Giménez Psicóloga Lilybeth Lonardo PsicoSalud CV Centro de Atención Integral Geriátrica

1. CEITO Centro de Estimulación Infantil en Terapia Ocupacional

· 1 reviews

3P97+247, Av. Los Comuneros, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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CEITO Centro de Estimulación Infantil en Terapia Ocupacional: what do users think?
abrahan roa: Multidisciplinary team with a team of specialists focused on the development of the infant's abilities.

2. Psicopedagogo, Ana Gabriela Goyo



· 0 reviews

Carrera 19 & Calle 13, CC Parragon, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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3. Centro Somos T.O - Parroquia Concepción

· 5 reviews

Centro de Especialidades Médicas y Comercial ALFA, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Centro Somos T.O: what do users think?
José Rafael Rivero Dupuy: Spectacular
Reggie Montilla: Easy access and good location in the east of the city. We are travel agency MASAS TRAVEL CA
Dr. Tucci: Comfortable and Ample parking; 24 hour security, Multiple Medical Specialties in one place
Alberto Tucci: Excellent location, comfortable and safe parking. Multiple medical specialists gathered in one place
Gabriela Jiménez Suarez: Very good automercado
Israel Torres: A shopping center where you will find many options for medical services... One of the best stores in this shopping center is La Costureria Express, where adjustments, repairs, and alterations are made to any item of clothing, in record time and with incomparable quality.
clemente franco: Variety
RAFAEL A PERDOMO RODRIGUEZ: Commercial cc, most of the businesses are medical assistance centers
Jorge Cordero: Small shopping center to the east of the city, with a bakery, dentistry, clinical laboratory, among others
Daniel Perez: almost abandoned place
Maria Mejias: It's practically a medical center.
Genesis Blanco: A CC specialized in doctors from different areas. The smell of fresh bread from the bakery is a temptation! Only two things for which they do not let me place more than 3 stars is that it does not have an elevator and on the 2nd floor they perform surgical interventions as well as in my case that I am almost 9 months pregnant and it is difficult for me to go up to my Dr. Lo's office The second bad thing is the parking, they demand payment only in cash and the rate is high !!!
Armando Garcia: exclusive medical center
Jackson Hernandez: Primary medical care, they offer parking for 100 vehicles
Eleazar Cisneros: It has nothing interesting.
Humberto Zambrano: quiet place
JESUS LINARES: It has parking
Luis Alejandro Sira Mendoza: Cool, good location
Oswaldo Garrido: excellent, sure
William Peña: various medical services
Maria Huerta: I only know Locatel and the bakery, they must place a Point of Sale in the parking lot

4. Psicologo Thailena Duran / Terapista del Lenguaje Maria Giménez

· 12 reviews

C.S. Parque Jardin, piso 1, of. 1-13, Cerca del Parque del este, Av. Libertador, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Psicologo Thailena Duran / Terapista del Lenguaje Maria Giménez: what do users think?
Maria Gabriela Colmenarez Duno: Great professionals, they transmit security and passion for their work. They give you easy-to-understand solutions and guide you to find a way out of your problem.
Enrimar Suarez: Excellent team of professionals! highly recommended
Lisbeth K Sosa: Excellent specialized attention in the psychological and language area.
Geraldine FIGUEROA MENDOZA: Super spectacular place in the hands of excellent professionals, the best in Barquisimeto, thank you for your daily commitment to each child and family.
Arturo r: Very good attention!! The site is nice, cozy and the graduate is very professional.

5. Psicólogo Nahomy Guardia

Av. Venezuela entre calles 19 y 20, 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

6. gnosis barquisimeto - Parroquia Concepción

Plaza La Mora, calle 23 entre calles 23 y 24 frente, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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7. Psicóloga Lilybeth Lonardo - Parroquia Concepción

· 15 reviews

Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Psicóloga Lilybeth Lonardo: what do users think?
María Silvia Cuevas Vargas: Excellent professional, I felt very comfortable and safe in his consultation. It has been a very enriching and satisfying experience. Totally recommended.
gabriela gomez: A very beautiful experience of much learning and understanding, God bless you Lilibeth so that like me you continue to help many people
Wanda Arenas: For a long time I was trying to connect with someone who would make me feel safe. And from the first consultation, I felt in good hands! Lily is amazing ❤️
Mariana Tua: Excellent service, super responsible, very professional in his work. It provides a comfortable and safe space to speak, makes you feel accompanied and listened to throughout the consultation, and provides tools to solve any problems you may have. I highly recommend her, her online consultations have helped me a lot, I feel very comfortable talking to her and her exercises have helped me a lot.
Oliangely Jimenez: I am infinitely grateful to Dr. Lilibeth for her support during my grief, I recommend her with my eyes closed. Therapy is the best decision that any human being can make and above all choosing professionals who respond to the call effectively
Sara Jimenez: Very good professional, very receptive, seeks to be empathetic and adapt to your needs, especially schedules. Very affordable prices, I recommend it.
Sara Arguelles Adan: Excellent consultation, I felt totally confident and that I was talking to a true professional. I would recommend her 100%... Thank you.
Carlos Rangel: Excellent professional, completely dedicated to the care and help of his patients!! Highly recommended.
wilson tovar: Excellent professional, each consultation was useful.
Karina Gabriela Rodríguez Mogollon: Hello, greetings, in my case your support, understanding, guidance was essential. At all times I felt accompanied without fear of showing and saying what I felt or thought, I felt very good. Their exercises are beneficial, they helped me on many occasions, there are many exercises that the therapist tells you, you choose the one that best suits or helps you. I really like her level of attention, I really appreciate that at times outside of her work she assisted me. I recommend it is excellent.
Adrien Sarraf: Excellent psychologist. 100% recommended for those who want to work on their mental health
Zarkys Salas: Excellent professional, online consultations are just as effective and productive as face-to-face ones. I highly recommend it.
yulainis melendez: It is gratifying to have her support, since she is willing to respond to what I have needed, causing relief from my stress and mental anxiety. It is as if a bomb were about to explode and the psychologist Lilibeth arrives and deactivates it. I always have her present because I know I'm counting on her...
Mariangel Colmenarez: Excellent professional with human warmth, attentive and focused on really helping his patients.
Grupo Araucara: Excellent professional. Thank you for your excellent service in favor of mental health.
Khaszandra Montilla: A very good space, to feel listened to and make you understand yourself, as well as a lot of understanding and accompaniment. Highly recommended!
Cesar Castillo: Responsible, attentive professional who offers excellence in his service.

8. Psicóloga Ale Ruiz - Parroquia Concepción

3M7M+272, Calle 27, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address WhatsApp

9. PsicoSalud CV - Parroquia Concepción

Calle 52 con carrera 23, edificio El Valle, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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10. Centro de Desarrollo Psicoeducativo C.A

· 2 reviews

Calle 8, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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11. Psicólogo Paulo Mora (LGBTIQ+) - Parroquia Concepción

Carrera 21 entre calles 10 y 11, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

12. PSICOINFANTES C.A. - Parroquia José Gregorio Bastidas

Calle 7, Av. 1 La Mata, Cabudare 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

13. CIPF Barquisimeto

Carrera 24, C. 11, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela


14. @psicontarte - Municipio Palavecino

3001, Cabudare 3023, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Consultorio psicólogo

4 C. Araguaney, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela


16. Centro de Atención Integral Geriátrica "Casa Hogar Serafín" - Parroquia Concepción

· 1 reviews

Calle 40 entre Boulevar 20 y Carrera 21 antiguo Hotel Ferrara Sector Centro, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

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