Best Neurologists In Barquisimeto Near Me

Centro de Atenci贸n Integral Geri谩trica Central Hospital Bridgestone-Firestone McCaf茅 Farmatodo Las Trinitarias

1. Centro de Atenci贸n Integral Geri谩trica "Casa Hogar Seraf铆n" - Parroquia Concepci贸n

路 1 reviews

Calle 40 entre Boulevar 20 y Carrera 21 antiguo Hotel Ferrara Sector Centro, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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2. Central Hospital "Antonio Maria Pineda"



路 75 reviews

3MJQ+RGJ, Av. Libertador, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Central Hospital "Antonio Maria Pineda": what do users think?
Oneira Berrios: Excellent
richar jes煤s Rea viteznik: Lame.tabeente very irregular everything from staff to facilities due to lack of investment
jose herrera: Many medical services have declined in this place and the attention is terrible
Oz Castillo: First healthcare center in BarquisimetoLike every hospital, it has all the medical specializations
Odalis Falc贸n: badly damaged areas
Sandra Josefina Montoya Yepez: Good attention
Jehison Rojas: They attended us but it was difficult because there were many people
carmen maritza gordillo: excellent healthcare company
alberto suarez: It has no maintenance
Wilber Daniel: Pretty neglected to be the main health center in Lara state. Most likely you have to buy supplies, however it is seen that the staff does everything possible to give good care.
Marielena Colmenarez: SOS for this hospital center
Ali Lopez: very bad attention
Cooperts P茅rez: It seems like a war or a competition to demonstrate knowledge and they end up delaying the patients. The doctors do not agree, also being a hospital where everything is a trade, with saying that there are no drinking fountains, something that is so important. The food they deliver is something very, very wrong. With saying that the same nurses and doctors sell and trade food inside such as coffee, cakes, empanadas... without commenting on the bathrooms.
fernando: If you want to die go to the hospital. That pod doesn't work
oscar ruiz: My was hospitalized they did not attend Very well
Elina Machado: It does not have enough health personnel or resources to care for so many patients.
Funeraria El Cristo y Rey Es Jesus C A: It looks very good, there is not so much crowding of people in emergency, the only bad thing is in the morgue that they have managers inside the hospital, and they prohibit serious companies from entering to remove the body of a deceased and above all to accompany the relatives to do the processing of permits, legal burial or cremation, something that brings us, problems with customers who hire us to provide good service and full attention to our customers and affiliates.In my opinion, the Director should not allow the funeral home to be on duty in the morgues of public or private hospitals, for that each client hires the funeral home of their choice.
Lex: Unfortunately, it is the most precarious in the state, there is nothing from cotton to doctors, you have to buy your own medicines, the few doctors that exist do not pay attention to the patients who are arriving or to those who are already there. It is a completely dirty and messy place. Unfortunate, very very unfortunate.
eliezer limardo: Qualified staff, great dedication to service!
walter jose de gouveia clemente: Excellent hospital, good facilities, currently equipped and endowed, it has a blood bank. It just lacks a little supervision, organization and more cleaning.

3. Bridgestone-Firestone

路 11 reviews

3MJ4+X4M, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Bridgestone-Firestone: what do users think?
elio rojas: Cheap tires and excellent service
joakin ramirez: Very good service
Gessimar Yagua Guaido: High prices
Carlos Camacho: Excellent orientation. Google Maps very efficient
anvibrugar: Excellent attention good service good treatment. Kindness trust excellent products. One hundred percent recommended

4. McCaf茅

路 1224 reviews

3P77+6C5, Av Lara, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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McCaf茅: what do users think?
Valmore Jose Paez Perez: Excellent facility, staff and products, I like it
Deiby Colina: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
yily rivero: Delicious the best coffee 馃構鈽昁id-friendliness: Los ni帽os disfrutaron el parque 馃槏Parking: F谩cil de est谩cionarWheelchair accessibility: Si hay
Linda Perez: Food: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Samuel Perez: They don't have tea and it's on the menuService: 3/5 鈥ore
Nick Jackob: The place is well remodeled and I like it, the attention is good and the food is that of McDonald's of a lifetime. 4 stars since they made a mistake in the order that I ordered, which was nothing special
Jose Daniel Gonzalez: Burgers
Aramis Peraza: A great place to share and enjoy the afternoon.
Yesenia Teran: Excellent attention, a place to share and spend a pleasant moment.! very good coffee
Mildred Carolina: The place is a bit neglected... otherwise everything is fine...
Urovidalara Urologos: Excellent attentionKid-friendliness: Para los ni帽os el parque lo.mejor
Oswaldo Montiel: Safe and childlike environmentKid-friendliness: Ambiente para ni帽osParking: Muy amplio y seguroWheelchair accessibility: 脕rea bastante despejada
Rosa In茅s: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Parking space Plenty of parking Parking options Free parking lot, Free parking garageMore
Julio Bracho: All excellent.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 鈥ore
Ramon Oropeza: ExcellentFood: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 鈥ore
nnn Zzzz: Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Mileidis Arrieta: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More

5. Blue's - Parroquia Concepci贸n

路 1 reviews

CC Sotavento Nivel PB Local L-1, Av. Pedro Le贸n Torres, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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6. Farmatodo Las Trinitarias

路 25 reviews

Ciudad Comercial Las Trinitarias, Av. Libertador, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Farmatodo Las Trinitarias: what do users think?
Albino Latino: My friend mike aims to become manager in this beautiful facility. Nowhere in the world i feel so save and comfortable as in the warm inside of a amazing farmatodo store. I love you guys
Roxana Trujillo: I love it 馃挅 馃槏 馃挄
Gamaliel Cuicas: As always, very good. Farmatodo is always a good option.
Luismar Primera: Many products within reach, very good attention
Delivery Sky: All in one place
F&L Alimentos CA: The store is located between the Beco and Ferreter铆a EPA stores, through Farmatodo you can also access the interior of the shopping center since it has double doors at each end.It is a relatively large store, it maintains the standard format characteristic of Farmatodo stores, such as the pharmacy at the end of the store, the cash registers to the right of the main entrance, and the cosmetics aisle to the left of the main door. .It is generally kept clean and tidy, the assortment is always a point in its favor, as well as the arrangement of the products on the racks, on all visits it has maintained an excellent aroma and a consistent musical thread to liven up the shopping experience.The attention of the staff is mostly of quality, and the pharmacists that work there are excellent in treating patients, the same can be said of the supervisory staff that is in charge of said store.As feedback to improve and finds that it is very common to see only 1 cashier and the queue to pay in miscellaneous is totally annoying and eternal, they should be careful with that because it affects the shopping experience, and additionally it is common to see many products without the shelf of price.For the rest, it is totally recommended.
Anastacia Siplenko: Excellent service and variety of original products
A. Chirinos: Before they attended very well now the attention is disgusting
Ana Cabrera: Well
Cristina Rivera: Pharmacy located in c.c Trinitarias, it has parking for people with disabilities, on one level, wide corridors, good prices, you can find their good quality magisterial formulas.My recommendation: if you must buy products such as sunscreen, medicines, creams, etc., you can do it with complete safety since Farmatodo only sells original products.
Jose P.: Excellent variety, service, with all bio security mechanisms
Carpe Artesanias: A safe place complies with all biosecurity regulations, the only bad thing is that it is better to pay in bolivars, because if you pay in dollars they never want to give change in dollars, they always want you to spend everything, they don't like to give change in dollars, in addition You get the dollars at a low price, my recommendation is to buy in bolivars and that way you save yourself a hard time. The Farmatodo of the Las Trinitarias shopping center is the only one that does not update its inventory according to the Farmatodo app.
Pedro Lucena: Well typical.
Mariandreina Pi帽a: Many things are achieved and the place is safe
Yixi Mendoza: Excellent service and cordiality, a wide variety of items for personal use
Guillermo Andres Chirinos: Good
Tom谩s Concha: There are things that are here that are not in others
Gerardo Daza: The only detail that in order to enter you have to pay for parking in the shopping center
Ram贸n Hern谩ndez: A wide variety of products and a pharmacy, very good service, several ATMs and very safe with ample parking.

7. Fit Company C.A.

路 1 reviews

Avenida Venezuela, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Fit Company C.A.: what do users think?
Luis Garrido: Supplements store with the best prices!

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