Best Organic Baskets Barquisimeto Near Me

Pimienta Carnes Y Delicateses Mango Bajito Segomarket Fresh Market Place City Market TERRAVIVA Zoomedical Hypermarket Garz贸n Barquisimeto Bodegon Gourmet Bodegon Llanero Market Trinitarias La Pollera Hardware EPA Las Trinitarias Hiper Lider Yaritagua

1. Pimienta Carnes Y Delicateses

路 6 reviews

C. Pomagas, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Pimienta Carnes Y Delicateses: what do users think?
Herlin Beatriz Sira Linarez: Excellent attention. When a new gluten-free product arrives, they inform me. accessible prices
andres eloy torrellas: The people who run this place are very nice.
Gregmary Vargas: Spectacular attention, excellent prices. Take advantage of the quality of your products!

2. Fresh Market - Parroquia Concepci贸n



路 0 reviews

3M83+W36, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela


3. Mango Bajito - Parroquia Concepci贸n

路 2064 reviews

3M8M+Q7W, Av 20, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Mango Bajito: what do users think?
lineth S谩nchez: You get what you are looking for.. I love it
Enny S: The merchandise is Chinese, the prices, although they are not the best, are almost in line with the international market, but what disappoints is the order, which is Null, many things stacked with the risk of falling
Rodolfo Salamanca: They have a wide variety of products, but sometimes you can't even walk through everything they have on their 3 display floors. The attention of the saleswomen is lousy, they must improve customer service.
Jenny pe帽a: Excellent for purchases of all kinds
Yasmin Bueno: Good
nelson pinto: it's good
Luisa Andreina Lucena Le贸n: Excelente.!!
Eduardo Urdaneta: C贸mo tienda es un desastre reina el alboroto y el desorden
Felipe Jose Fernandez Perez: Excelente precios y lencer铆as
De Todito: Lugar con buena mercanc铆a. Grande. Demasiado personal que solo hacen inventario y no colaboran con el comprador.
maria belen amaro: The space is cluttered with things, you can't walk
ALEX R: Fine, you find a little bit of everything
Eduardo Ortiz: Great variety and very good prices, all over Avenida 20. Centrally located, with good security and excellent service from its staff, go and live the experience of getting short bunches.
Maria Chirinos: Excellent, passionate about this store
Daniel romero: To buy some other things
Rosa Castillo: It is a place where you can locate any gift
Pausides Montero: excellent
rosmell vivas: you get everything
Miriam Alvarado: Very good, you get practically everything you are looking for
mariely aguilar: Of all the cute little things for the kitchen and bathroom, there you will find
Luis Molina: Home store things in general come equipped good prices new toys are coming

4. Segomarket

路 1267 reviews

Carrera 1 entre calles 2 y 3 Edif. Alena piso PB APT 2-64 Urb. Nueva Segovia, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Segomarket: what do users think?
Freddy Gonzalez: good site
Luis Murrieta: The best place to buy in the city. ,Quality, variety, cleanliness, organization. And competitive prices. The staff are good natured and polite I always go to mow first. A cordial greeting.
Reynaldo Antonio Camacho Monsanto: Good prices excellent products and variety
Inversiones M&T 16: Great variety of products
Durga Cegarra: Great variety of products, although the place is not spacious or comfortable, so be sure to ask what you are looking for. Good attention
RAFAEL ROMERO: Excellent place
Adrian Goitia: Good attention
Adrian Cordero Dominguez: Quite a variety of products, very good service and easy access. Tqm Sego!
Al铆 Alejandro G贸mez: Good prices! with good care
Trinis Londo帽o: Excellent service and a wide variety of products.
Rudy Rosendo: Some prices are acceptable!
kender garrido: Very good place.
Mildred Carolina: Nice atmosphere and well stocked...
Leonardo Bastidas Silva: One of the best restaurants in the city
Lenin Bravo: Excellent service
clemente franco: Good prices for imported products, good service, always a pleasant place to compare
Armando Pe帽a Mu帽oz: Excellent service and quality in their products... Attentive and friendly people
Magda Y. Diaz Granados: Good site
Gerardo J. Molina M.: You have a lot of variety between imported and national products, the attention is very nice, attentive and always willing to serve
alberto suarez: Excellent location, good prices 馃憤, it is well maintained
freddy daniel bautista gil: Good supermarket with variety of products

5. Fresh Market Place

路 110 reviews

Urbanizaci贸n Nueva Segovia carrera 3 entre calle 6 y 7 local c 82 local Calle B, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Fresh Market Place: what do users think?
lucila gonzalez: Existence of Variety of Products, private parking, careful attention
Daniel: Bad environment in every way, employees ate on the floor when they went to break, late payments to employees and suppliers. Instead inside has poor hygiene.
A. Chirinos: Good attention, there is nowhere to park, however, there is always a position on the street.the girls are nice
BARRA M脫VIL & C脫CTELES: It is a good place to do the shopping you need
Natalia G: Nice place, with a variety of national and imported products. Good care and compliance with biosafety standards
Beatriz Jannette Perez Guedez: Excellent service, well stocked
Gustavo Andueza: Very nice, in a very good spot, visible, accessible, with a variety, good prices, with biosafety standards, and excellent and friendly service, it is worth visiting and taking a walk through its corridors and appreciating the variety of products and the quality of the same, recommended
Marco Alvarez Gonzalez: Lots of variety in products
Angel Morera: It was well stocked it is a matter of taste good service
Alfredo Hern谩ndez: Loud music makes very uncomfortable to buy in the store.
Jorge Alvarado: PROS: Excellent place to shop. Local very well stocked with imported and national merchandise.AGAINST: The products do not have marked prices so at the moment of paying you have no idea of 鈥嬧媓ow much you have in the purchase until the moment of paying.
Andres Ysrael Garcia Ferreiro: You can buy easily and there is a wide variety. The only thing that there is no great offer in personal hygiene products
Sofia Andreina Jimenez Velazquez: It was an incredible experience, they have excellent customer service and I always get everything for the home
german diaz: excellent still life
HUMBERTO J. SUAREZ P.: nice still life
Marielvis Diaz: A super good business has everything and at good prices
Nelson M. Aparicio LL.: They take a long time to collect
Carmen Armas: Good service.
jose sanquiz nu帽ez: Excellent everything. You can also get pastry products such as SANIA Brand Chantilly cream.
Jose Angel Cardenas O.: Great availability of products

6. City Market

路 12 reviews

Torre BEL, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

City Market: what do users think?
Mariel Alexandra Duque Molina: city 鈥嬧媘arket still life
Sigfredo Miranda: Variety and good service
Andres Virguez: Regular
Tulio Diaz: Good mini market located in the extension of Avenida Los Leones to the East of Barquisimeto, right on the ground floor of Torre Bel. Its assortment of products is not usually very good, but it has a good location and very convenient hours. In opportunities, payment with electronic means is a calamity and it is difficult to park.
Jos茅 G Hernandez G: It is a quiet, comfortable place to do your shopping, excellent service

7. TERRAVIVA - Parroquia Concepci贸n

路 16 reviews

Carrera 14-B, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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TERRAVIVA: what do users think?
Maria Gabriela Villegas: Excellent service, everything they offer is beautiful 馃槏馃槏馃槏
Jes煤s E. Alvarez O.: excellent venture
Lauren Ortega: Variety and high quality, it's hard to choose because all the species are beautiful! And the excellent treatment. Totally recommended.
Iris Graterol: They have a lot of variety in plants and the best very good prices 馃帀
Juan Alexis Suarez: Excellent service and very responsible 馃挄
Vanessa 脕lamo: Excellent prices and the attention is wonderful, they have great ingenuity with their pots and their varieties of desert roses are enviable.

8. Zoomedical

路 104 reviews

3PG5+9X3, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Zoomedical: what do users think?
Mariajose Mujica: Excellent attention always
Juan Linares: Excellent atention.Good ubication.Parking lot.Medical attention and medicines, for pets.Accessories, toys, clothes, kennels, beds, etc....Grooming, bathing and haircut for dogsThey currently have an hourly appointment system, so pets don't spend so much time waiting to be seen. This idea is great.
Karla Gonz谩lez: Excellent service, wide range of products and good prices
Dojo Yamabushi Venezuela: Very good, a bit expensive
A. Chirinos: Good place for exams for your pet although a little expensive.
Maria Midamilex Soto Pi帽ero: Excellent service and good prices
Graciela Oberto: Excellent veterinary clinic, comfortable and they sell many things for animals
luis cede帽o: Good people
Manuel Fernandez: Excellent attention
Maria Cabrero: too cool
Ma. Luisa V谩squez Vizcaya: The plate we need for the little dog was there.... Thank you
Jaimar Rosales: Super friendly, I feel super safe to take my pet to their place, also you can get many things for your animals
Henderson Hern谩ndez: Excellent, very good attention.
Zurelis Nohemi Marquez Mosquera: Excellent attention, my pet always gets stressed when he sees doctors and here they took his blood and he didn't complain, he was happy and he didn't want to leave the place. Happy to have brought my pet to Zoomedical
Nany Caputo: I love it, super attentive.
Amelia Dourado: Excellent attention all the staff and vets very committed to the well-being of our pets
Fernando Rodriguez: The excellent attention, pure professionals, good laboratory, details for the furry ones of the house, Dr. Paula, a Love 20 points
JOELI DI MAURO: good prices
Alba Montiel: Excellent veterinary clinic. They are very professional, friendly and attentive. The clinic is well equipped and they keep everything very clean, but most importantly, they treat the animals very well 馃憤馃徎
Eugenia Maria Pereira Pinto: Customer service is magnificent, I liked it馃悤馃惄

9. Los Olivos Caf茅&Market

路 6 reviews

Centro Comercial, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Los Olivos Caf茅&Market: what do users think?
Edward Rincones (Quirico): Excellent attention and service
jose arteaga: Excellent
ALCIBIADES FRANCISCO Jeanton: Very welcoming, excellent attention from Mr. Luis, owner, first class milk and cheeses and very tasty coffee.
Jonathan Lozada: A unique attention! Highly recommended!

10. Hypermarket Garz贸n Barquisimeto

路 2384 reviews

Arena Plaza Estado, Av. Libertador, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Hypermarket Garz贸n Barquisimeto: what do users think?
Dulce Garc茅s: I found everything I was looking for in one place. I loved the meat offers. It is a very comfortable place to buy and it gives you confidence.
Anuar El Chirity: Is closed..
Nubia E. Leal: Good prices, especially in vegetables, on Thursday and Friday.
Wilmer M. Vargas C.: The people who serve in the delicatessen, if they have problems, should stay at home and not go to work, what a terrible service and what a bad mood, supervise this service please, change to this
Nomar Rodriguez: Somewhat expensive prices
El Andaluz: Supermarket.
Alexander Partidas: Garzon is comfortable for shopping Good products but does not stamp the parking ticket
Ronny Aguero: This supermarket has everything, and you can make your purchases without problem and they accept all kinds of debit and credit cards
Jesus Melendez: They only sell food, it's not like before, they don't sell things for the home anymore, and by the way they have almost no variety... The prices aren't that low either.
Benazir Mendoza: The supermarket is well stocked and with plenty of variety and fast service on Sundays around 3 in the afternoon.
odra barradas: This assortment
Nicel Seoane: A disaster could not be recovered from the 2018 crisis... it is very sad because before we bought there. It's not even a shadow of what it used to be
Daisy Ram铆rez: The well-stocked supermarket
Nestor Gonzalez: It is a place that despite the current situation, is becoming a Good Shopping Center
Liz Ophir Bernal: I loved their fast food 馃構
Eliezer Pi帽a: Very assorted and excellent service
carlito Mendoza: The experience is very good since the orchestra is upstairs and there are many things at a good price with the phones and other things from the supermarket

11. Bodegon Gourmet - Parroquia Jos茅 Gregorio Bastidas

路 30 reviews

Av. Intercomunal Cabudare. Local S/N. A 100 mts de Est de Servicio La, Morenita, Cabudare 3027, Lara, Venezuela

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12. Bodegon Llanero Market Trinitarias

路 36 reviews

Av German Garmendia CC Las trinitarias nivel PB Local 4, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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路 94 reviews

10掳04'05.0"N 69掳18'17., 4, Venezuela


14. La Pollera

路 1985 reviews

3P74+CFV, Carrera 1, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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15. Hardware EPA Las Trinitarias

路 2217 reviews

Ciudad Comercial Las Trinitarias, Av. Los Leones, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Hiper Lider Yaritagua - Parroquia Pe帽a

路 1210 reviews

3WMJ+H2X, Yaritagua 3203, Yaracuy, Venezuela

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