Best Stores To Buy Women's Tank Tops Barquisimeto Near Me

Wrangler A茅ropostale Barquisimeto Adidas Moon Adventure Gina Beco GothShopClique


1. Wrangler

路 3 reviews

3PC4+MGF, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Wrangler: what do users think?
FF MENDEZ: excellent clothing store
Roberto Soto: Wrangler excellent place, quality items, garments of the year, excellent presence, good service, the only bad thing is super exaggerated prices that do not make sense since not even in the United States are they at that price, they want to earn up to 120% for each item , there is a discount but they do not even reach the real prices.
Daniel Caravelli: There is practically no merchandise
Tulio Diaz: Exclusive store of jeans and shirts of this American brand.

2. A茅ropostale Barquisimeto



路 0 reviews

Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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路 0 reviews

3PC4+XP3, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela


4. Miramar la tienda - Parroquia Concepci贸n

路 1 reviews

Av vargas con 20 entre carrera 26 y 27, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website
Miramar la tienda: what do users think?
Salvatore Fidanza: Excellent service

5. Adidas

路 69 reviews

Edificio Centro Residencial Universdad, Carrera 19, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Adidas: what do users think?
Zaimar Echenique: There is not so much variety of shoes anymore and it is not possible to know if they are really original or if they are a well-made copy
Jos茅 Alfredo Colmenares Rodr铆guez: Official store of the Adidas brand, original products.
Oswaldo Gonzalez: good products
donny delgado: Excellent place
Victor Perez: Variety
Alan Indomenico: As always great items but too high prices
Consultoria Contable y Juridica Carrasco Vargas: excellent sportswear
Miryeli Mendia: Excellent promotions...always quality
Eduardo Ramos: Friendly service and quality shoes
ANA Y MANUEL LIMA ROJAS: Excellent store with a variety of sports products
Ender Jos茅 Romero Reyes: I bought a Real Madrid shirt years ago to find out that it's not even original, being an official store, a disgrace.
David P茅rez: Good afternoon, by any chance you are not requesting a community manager
rubi vargas: Excellent attention. Great clothes. Prices according to the brand.
Paez Electronics: Very fresh
Antonio Reinoso: They have an infinite variety of products, all sizes, colors of each model, there are even for babies...
Anibal Garcia: Excellent
Ana Celeste Hernandez: Excellent atention!
Carmen Quintero: Hello, take advantage of the offers that the Adidas store in Sambil has for you, they have super discounts on shoes 馃憻馃憻
Gian Antonelli: good prices but the cashiers don't even know how to make an invoice
Ernesto david Guillen mujica: They sell more expensive than international prices

6. Moon Adventure - Parroquia Concepci贸n

carrera15 entre calles 27 y 28 Edf.Monogramas Lara, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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7. Gina

路 44 reviews

Av Lara, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Gina: what do users think?
Rosangela Dalia: Excellent attention. There are very nice clothes for skinny people and for chubby ones too. Also beachwear and clothing and accessories for babies. Very good prices and 1 month section system. It had been years since I went to Gina's and I was pleasantly surprised. I will be back
Julieta Valero: Good service, good prices and a variety of items for the home and clothes
Yel煤 Gallardo: I really liked the merchandise you offer
Rosben romero: Good shopping site. Good service, good products.
Soleil Araque: Excellent service and items. I love it 馃ぉ
Raquel Perozo: Variety of products plus poor customer service, a few days ago I went and the employees did not stop offering merchandise that I was not looking for, I left the store stunned
Crhismar Melendez: I loved
Luis Nottaro: Excellent service and attention
A Michal: Very attentive employees but deplorable management, very arrogant and unfriendly
Daniel Bertoni: Here they eventually make discounts and you can get quality women's and children's clothing and intermediate prices
lionel balestrini: Excellent attention, very nice clothes, normal prices
Oscar Collado Roman: good prices
Karelia Garcia: wonderful offers
Mar铆a Fernanda Martins: Excellent service, variety and prices.
GABRIELA MEDINA: Very good, they just don't have air conditioning
Valeria Sofia Zambrano Mazzarri: The service was not so good
Yasmin Colmenarez: Nice clothes, variety of tastes, good quality and very good prices
Mariangel Tovar: Excellent clothes for adults and children, bathing suits and for the home they have beauties
Annie Alvarado: There is good care. But it's not cheap

8. Traki Lara Centro - Parroquia Concepci贸n

路 2280 reviews

C. 29, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website
Joselyne valera: Everything is available at very good prices.
Enmilder Leon: It is no longer there, they moved it to Cabudare
Luis Krogger: good
Zaida Principal: I love going to Traki because they have all kinds of excellent quality merchandise, both for the home and for the whole family, clothes, shoes, food, toys.
Mafer Sanchez: They moved to Cabudare
Gregoria Elizabeth Alvarado Aldazoro: Big offers
Electricor1: they are no longer
Henry Mendoza: Very beautiful place in cabudare. Excellent attention
Radio Man谩 99.7FM: Good
Jairelys Medina: It's interesting
oswald peraza: Excellent there you find what you are looking for and always has discounts
Luis Aguilar: This place is closed
Deportes La 22: It is closed, they moved to Cabudare
Aldri帽izka Teilaetxea: They dismantled it and took it to Cabudare.
Genesis Gim茅nez Baute: It is no longer in the center
starwin hernandez: They moved already traki is not located here
Leonardo Bastidas Silva: It was an excellent place, but they moved it to the Cabudare premises
Funeraria El Cristo y Rey Es Jesus C A: Siempre ha sido una buena tienda, con variedades y tienen muy buenos precios
Elitze Perez: Exelente
May Walsh: Ya traki centro no est谩 en la Av 20 con calle 29

9. Beco

路 1075 reviews

3PG9+R42, Ciudad Comercial Las Trinitarias,, Av. Los Leones, Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela

Address WhatsApp
Beco: what do users think?
Ana Isolina: Excellent store with good deals and good quality items
rubi vargas: Store with articles for all and of excellent quality. Excellent atention. Parking lot. Now with special activities such as the most recent with a conversation for women or with an unbeatable pastry chef.
FF MENDEZ: Excellent department store
Frank - Y: Very good variety of products and very good attention from the employees. It is a nice place to go shopping
ADELIS ESCOBAR: Excellent, a very complete store, where you can get everything.
Milagros Pe帽alver: This commercial is very wide, varieties of products and good attention, the prices are not very accessible but at least you can buy something.
Jackson L谩zaro (Lara): A place to go to dream and shop
Daniel Riera: Ghost
pier brunone: good things still
Dulce de Ruiz: I love Beco whenever I go I buy something!
Yel煤 Gallardo: I like the merchandise they offer
Daniel Gabatel: Recovered its former splendor. Good prices in GOS
Ana pacheco: Bec贸 was enjoying
RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ: I don't miss any GOS
Jos茅 Yustiz: Today with little variety but always with very good options.Update to January 2023, all good, excellent products and variety.
Perla M .F: A site of all life ... preserves the style and quality!
Carmen Pe帽a: my dear shop
omar pereira: Good merchandise, accepting all kinds of payment
Carolina Rivas: There is a wide variety of products, from clothing for all members of the family to household items, sports, toys, jewelry and accessories, furniture, etc. Good value for money. The atmosphere is very pleasant and you can have personalized attention, they also make sections. The shopping experience makes you want to come back. What is needed for me is that they enable the restrooms and a station to drink coffee or order a milkshake.

10. Short brothers - Parroquia Jos茅 Gregorio Bastidas

路 1 reviews

Avenida 4 esquina, C. 5, Cabudare 3030, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

11. GothShopClique - Parroquia Jos茅 Gregorio Bastidas

la piedad norte urb el prado plaza, Cabudare 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

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