Best Styling Schools In Barquisimeto Near Me

Alliance Francaise Barquisimeto EF Education First Lisandro Alvarado University Centroccidental Colegio María Auxiliadora Instituto Universitario Jesus Obrero (IUJO) Amada Makeup & Spa University Fermín Toro

1. Alliance Francaise Barquisimeto

· 11 reviews

3P65+WM9, Calle Las Acacias, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Alliance Francaise Barquisimeto: what do users think?
Happy Ghost: Nice place and good attention. Despite the fact that the dynamics of the classes are very good; I consider the price high for the amount of content explained.
stephy julie: It is a well located place, fresh, cozy and with very good attention.
Nathan Jean-Pierre: Une très bonne institution avec des professionnels qualifiés.
Maria Pinto: Positive:Professionalism
Milagro Peña Mogollón: Excellent educational center. More than a language, they show you the whole culture and prepare you for your trip to France. I congratulate you




· 10 reviews

3P84+93G, Calle los Naranjillos, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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CIDIG: what do users think?
gabriela landaeta: Excellent...very good institute completely remodeled
Jose Antonio Perez: Despite the pandemic, we have continued in the online modality.
Hector Quiroga: Some time ago I took a photography course at that institute and I thought it was excellent
KELSONHAIR PLATINADOS: Atendimento de ótima qualidade, e grandes promocionais qualificados!! Cem contar com o atendimento das proficionas da recepção.. Com alta qualificação, 👏👏👏👏 parabéns.
Jose Hurtado: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to develop as a professional in the design area, without your preparation and help nothing would be the same.
Jose Mc Cormick: It's a high school scam, not because of the teachers but their administration.
gregory pereira: Good

3. EF Education First

· 6 reviews

Urb. El Parque Calle los Comuneros Centro Ejecutivo Los Leones Piso 3 Ofic. 3, 6, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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EF Education First: what do users think?
Víctor Escalona: One of the largest language schools in the world. Multiple destinations to learn English. I had a great experience with them in 2013. They are generally expensive plates, but worth the effort. This is its new location in Barquisimeto. The staff advises you in all aspects.
Carlos Perdomo: New Address. Urb El Parque, Los Comunes Street, Los Leones Executive Center Building Floor 3 Office 3-6 Barquisimeto. 3001, Laura
DIGOO ABDL: The address is not correct, it is not updated. They should update the location since they are not where they say

4. Lisandro Alvarado University Centroccidental

· 91 reviews

Rectorado de la Universidad Centrooccidental Lisandro Alvarado, Carrera 19 entre calles 8 y 9. Edificio Rectorado UCLA, Carrera 19, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Lisandro Alvarado University Centroccidental: what do users think?
Carlos Javier Silva: It needs investment in the infrastructure but the rest remains the same
Ernesto david Guillen mujica: It is neglected, teachers making an effort because they do not lower their level
Jose Sivira: Hello, to do a registration process? Information, please.
Sharon Stephan: my alma mater
Fredycson Cabrera: excellent
Maria Fernanda Perez: My alma mater!! The best university for all types of careers! Proud to be a Uclaista!
Luis Infante: Good place .. the facade is quite recovered
zobeida piña: Excellent Study House 🤗💗✨💞
Johanna Páez: Excellent
Wilvardo Alvarado: UCLA, A voice of thought, I don't know if I'm being pedantic with the following words but it is what really comes from my heart THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN VENEZUELA. I remember my years of work in the most excellent institution in Venezuela
Hector R Liccioni B: The best of Venezuela...
carmen lobo: The best
Juan Flores: Excellent educational place that trains professionals
Michel Alexander Rojas Martínez: Excellent attention to students.
Orlando Melendez: It was my home of studies and work; there I retired; Unfortunately, due to the harassment of the current regime, it is in a deplorable state.
Samuel Saavedra: It is currently closed... Studio Control works Tuesday and Wednesday.
Noral Cristina Martinez Reyes: Very good
Maria Machin: Five stars for my dear UCLA who still has his boots on. Not one star for those who have it in ruins, evicted, abandoned...

5. Colegio María Auxiliadora - Parroquia Concepción

· 44 reviews

calle 41 con carrera 15 y, 14 C. 41, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Colegio María Auxiliadora: what do users think?
Jose Soto: It is a very good school
Rosember Gaviria: Excellent facilities of this Catholic educational center.
Eglis Ramirez: Excellent College.
Edgar Ruiz: Salesian Catholic Educational Institution
Renzo Figueroa: As a guest at an event in the auditorium. Excellent facilities, polite and very attentive staff
Paula Cuicas: profesores y profesoras son buenos te explican bien,no es un colegio que recomendaría ya que la atención es pésima(Translated by Google
ambar gimenez: good school
adrian vasquez: too exceptional
DARYURI ALVARADO GALINDEZ: It's my children's school, I can't complain
Yannelis Arrieche: Excellent school... At all times.
Mildred Churion: Excellence in educational quality
Leila Paola Franco Figueroa: A school of excellence
Valeria Vásquez: Excellent school. I study since 2nd grade. And I'm currently in 6th year
Faviana Pérez: I study there, they give a very good education, and it is very large.
Dwight Rodriguez: Excellent educational institution and facilities in optimal conditions.
Luciano Colina: Very good school, it is the best
Patricia Gonzalez: My College, that beautiful place that for me was my palace, where I grew up I became a woman, the place that saw me grow, my best friends, how much innocence, a comprehensive education accompanied by so much ingenuity, if I died and was born again, it is here where I want to form my best memories again here they will be marked in my heart and my mind forever, long live Maria Auxiliadora
Ninosca arias Ozejo: promotion 2014

6. Instituto Universitario Jesus Obrero (IUJO) - Parroquia Concepción

· 55 reviews

Calle 57 entre Carreras 22 y 23, Urb. Santa Eduviges, Barquisimeto, Edo Lara, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Instituto Universitario Jesus Obrero (IUJO): what do users think?
Chithra Jayakodi: AhuillBnk
osniel mapache: The site is very safe, neat and security is good. My drawback is its strict regulation but it has worked all these years and when you get used to it it can be bearable. I recommend this institute, very good education and general treatment.
Miguel Saavedra: Excellent Institute in which they train excellent professionals in various areas
douglas javier torrealba baez: Very clean and organized, my children are graduates of the institution with a very good academic background.
Liuba Malpica: A nice and enjoyable place to study
José Navas: Excellent college
Cesar Martinez: One of the best universities for TCU de Lara
Antonio Briceño: it was very liberating
Caniel 02: One of the best universities in the state of Lara
Anair Rivero: Fino
Alexis Carrasco: Do you want to study a good career, made up of Values ​​and professionalism? It is an excellent university, you don't waste time, excellent facilities, its professors have all the vocation.
Carlos Benavides Mastracci: Impeccable facilities and good options in study careers in tsu
Wilmar Martinez: Very neat, clean and organized.
Rodolfo Acosta: Excellent University. It trains professionals with principles and values. It has a very well maintained building. Radio Fe y Alegría Barquisimeto 97.5 FM works within its facilities.
Luis Rafael Garcia Castillo: It is an excellent university
Ericka Camacho: Excellent facilities, and good attention

7. Amada Makeup & Spa - Parroquia José Gregorio Bastidas

· 3 reviews

C.C La Estancia, Av. Intercomunal Barquisimeto - Acarigua, Cabudare 3023, Lara, Venezuela

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Amada Makeup & Spa: what do users think?
Kandela Television: EXCELLENT
Elvis Peralta: very good academy, 100% professional
Comunidad Pastoral: Excellent staff with the best customer service.

8. University Fermín Toro - Municipio Palavecino

· 106 reviews

2PGH+3MW, Cabudare 3023, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp
RAFAEL ROMERO: Good site for online or face-to-face studies
david diaz: I really like Cabudare and all its surroundings
SONIA GUEDEZ: The service is very safe, excellent attention, I congratulate you
Vanessa Colmenarez: University that has a faculty of engineering, a faculty of economic and social sciences, and a faculty of political and legal sciences. Good facilities in addition to the fact that it has a distance class system, that is, online classes.
Marienny Arrieche: Excellent house of studies, with an excellent offer of careers and postgraduate programs
Crsipy No idea: The university is pirated, they pass you by even if you don't know anything and the teachers only evaluate what they give in class, that is to say that you don't need to study from any book or anything, just what the teacher gives in class. They sell you the idea that you are going to pay $90 a month at the exchange rate of the central bank and the truth is that with their fees and ways of paying they really charge you $180 a month, really pirate
odra barradas: It is a bit neglected, but in terms of attention, it is optimal! I recommend it
Liliana Donofrio: Grateful. Greetings to all.
Juan Carlos Castillo: My Alma Mater!!!
Wilvardo Alvarado: It had its moment of Glory, it continues to be an excellent option within the great educational deterioration of our country but I don't know how it compares what it is today with what its golden age was.
Williams Acosta: Fermin Toro University, one of the best private universities not only in the state of Lara but also in the country, built by a great man who is still standing!Great university where you can get a large number of careers, a great opportunity and grow as a professional and as a person.
ChangaTuki - #changatukidevenezuela: The poorly paid teachers, Liz has breast surgery after she married her grandfather out of affection, as the students told Raúl Quero Silva in 2009, may God have him in holy glory, Pedro Briseño making trouble for the students after they didn't They pay because they increase all the prices, so the best solution is for President Maduro to expropriate it once and for all. - @AntonioFernandez your review is very good, half a laugh hahahaha
Jesus Melendez: Excellent university for its staff, its teachers, its facilities, laboratories, for everything, of course it has many things to improve, but for me it is the best in Lara state.
Ernesto david Guillen mujica: A good opportunity to study online
jose herrera: good university
Antonio Fernandez: The truth is, everything is fine, the receptionist welcomes you with pleasure, but the place lacks hygiene
Eddin Rafael Gotera Valbuena: Alma Mater of many professionals, inseminated throughout the world
Zenaida Sánchez: Well
Jesus Eduardo: They are working normally, only administrative procedure for now samples, the sanitary measures are lifted

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