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1. Pleno Potencial

13 reviews
Pleno Potencial

Address: piso 4 oficina 4-2, Centro comercial Río Lama quinta etapa, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +58 424-5328327

Guy: Psychologist

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We help you choose tattoo removal clinics Barquisimeto

We know you are looking for tattoo removal clinics Barquisimeto, and we also know that soon will become your essential weapon to get to know the city in its entirety.
We have close to one million inhabitants and growing! We are one of the main economic and cultural forces in Venezuela, and we are going to show you everything! We are located in the state of Lara in the northwest of the country. In the centre of the city we can find the Obelisco, and it is totally recommendable because it is a great tower where you can appreciate impressive views of the whole city. In the centre of the city we find really emblematic buildings in Barquisimeto, as is the case of the modern cathedral or the Barquisimeto Museum.
Enter and find all kinds of information related to our city, because our team is quite diverse but together it is an explosive bomb of complete information, and that is what we are going to offer you in, tattoo removal clinics Barquisimeto and much more! Let's go there!