Best Ukulele Shops In Barquisimeto Near Me

Comercial Amaro Telepila Center C.A. Victoria's Secret Casio Gymboree Casio TequeFrench Adidas Bershka Levi's


1. Comercial Amaro - Parroquia Concepci贸n

路 43 reviews

Carrera 22, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Comercial Amaro: what do users think?
jose fernando alvarado: Very good service and they have a very good variety of merchandise.
Alpargata Roja: Mega.magnific
Maria Esperanza Gimenez Iglesias: 100% recommended very good attention
Ramon Jose Perez Escalona: Good prices and good instruments
roiber castillo: Very good and reliable and all security..
Gerardo Castro: good store
Wilmer camacaro: Excellent attention variety in merchandise.
Amin El Aramouni: Excellent
Maryory E: Excellent prices excellent service
jaiser arg眉elles: Good place to buy folk things, musical instruments, hats, espadrilles, hammocks and more
Carlos Alberto Martinez Anzola: Very good....
adrian vasquez: Marvelous
carlos caruci: Good place
Humberto Rivero: Well
Raul Yepez: Excellent service and good prices
Victor Adames: Excellent special attention for musicians good prices and quality
Lion 02 20 10: Very good attention and they are accommodating explaining everything. better impossible
Mar铆a Perez: Excellent attention
Zabmir Rodriguez: Good attention, they have updated equipment, something very important for musicians
karla Materano: The best prices in Barquisimeto

2. Telepila Center C.A. - Parroquia Concepci贸n



路 228 reviews

C. 49, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Telepila Center C.A.: what do users think?
Davinson Michael Guevara Mendoza: Good attention
douglas javier torrealba baez: Moderate / high prices
Luis Mario Gomez: Excellent service, state-of-the-art equipment, good location
Mileidy Segura: Very good prices and variety of electronic products
Alberalejandro Silva: All good thanks
Jesse Enrique Lopez Castro: Good attention but they take a long time in the office
Ruben Diaz: recommended place of product technology
Frigor铆fico Unicarnes Aroa Vasquez: Wide variety of items
Ramon Guia: The service is very good and there is a wide variety of products.
Adri谩n Medina: Very good attention
control digital 68: there are varieties
Jose Luis Gil Mendoza: Excellent assortment good prices
Gustavo Adolfo Y茅pez Torres: One of the main technology providers in the region. They offer current equipment and materials for surveillance and security systems, all types of communication networks, computer equipment, entertainment equipment and an endless variety of spare parts and supplies. Located in the center of the city.
Danny Toht: Very assorted. The bad thing is that there is no variety in batteries precisely. but good price
wilkelman hernandez: Store with a wide variety of items related to electronics, sound and computing.
jorge101204: Of everything and variety in price there are good and or so good
Jos茅 Alfredo Colmenares Rodr铆guez: Everything you are looking for in batteries and electronics, Telepila is unique.
Naudys Angulo: Wide variety of electronic items
deivis freitez: The prices are a bit high

3. Victoria's Secret

路 22 reviews

Centro Sambil Barquisimeto, Ala Sur, Avenida Venezuela, Urbanizaci贸n Del Este, Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela, Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website
Victoria's Secret: what do users think?
Gamaliel Cuicas: Some time ago I bought a body cream for my girlfriend here and the attention was excellent. They advised me very well and were able to guide me to make the best choice, I also consider that the prices are very consistent with the official prices of the brand.
yegvic samuel garcia: great
Norys Toledo: They must have change for bills to be able to buy
Jorgen Luis Escobar Vizcaya: Very varied but limits payment to cash $, does not have a Zelle option
Airan Lorena: Excellent service, prices and quality of products
Dario Giovanny Romanini: Very good clothes and at a good price
Carla Carolina Alfonzo Patrizzi: I loved the experience and found everything I was looking for my Very Sexy perfume
Aa MARCHAN: cute underwear
Alejandro Galviz: 100% Original products and an irresistible aroma 馃槏
Manuber H: very good merchandise
Yixi Mendoza: Good attention and cordiality of the staff
Isabel Garay: This is horrible, they don't change the photo of the mall!!! put one from the US it would be prettier and would have much more money!!!1 #pleaseunchangeVictoriaSecret
Tulio Diaz: Exclusive store of this prestigious brand of women's intimate clothing.

4. Casio

路 6 reviews

C. El Saman, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Casio: what do users think?
Enoc Vivanco: very good excellent
Tulio Diaz: Due to the crisis, its assortment is very scarce. The attention is good.

5. Gymboree

路 1 reviews

Centro Sambil Barquisimeto, Pasillo Oeste, C. El Saman, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website

6. Casio

路 1 reviews

CENTRO CIUDAD COMERCIAL LAS TRINITARIAS PLANTA BAJA LOCAL H-28, Av. Hern谩n Garmendia, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Casio: what do users think?
Tulio Diaz: At the time it was an excellent store for the Casio brand, but the crisis has affected it significantly, few stocks and variety.

7. TequeFrench

路 171 reviews

Centro Comercial Boulevard Plaza Los Leones, Avenida Caracas, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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TequeFrench: what do users think?
emil simon Tovar: very nice space
Gricelda Flores: good cleanand pretty
Bianca Brioli: It is not a very spacious place and there are few shops, there is not much to see, although it is well maintained and the central corridor is pretty. It has a new optic that was wrong 2 times with the formula of my lenses.
MARIA VICTORIANA VIERA SALAS: It used to be this shopping center, currently very desolate and very lonely mainly on weekends and holidays...!
Perla M .F: It's a desolate place. I go because my stylist has her salon there
Jose Alejandro Lucena Naranjo: My favorite place to work
Hector Crespo: Safe place!!!
Ana Cabrera: SERCA work
Juliogamir martinez: Very good
Dayana Reyes: Only. Working very well Nova Casa Grill
Mi BELLA CASA: Good shopping center located on Av Los Leones, you have a variety of stores, in the eastern part of the city.
Lisdemar Figueroa: Good place but it needs more shops
Carlos Javier Silva: Still up and running safely
Daniel Chinchilla: You have several purchase and acquisition options for products and services
Optica Fashion Lens: Excellent.
Mario Antequera: Variety of shops
Jos茅 Correa: A small shopping center that functions as a boulevard located in the east of Barquisimeto. Two stories and small but has good shops to visit. In the part of Av. Caracas there are several food stores, Arabic, teque帽os and donuts that have delicacies that everyone should try. Visitable 100%

8. Adidas

路 40 reviews

Edificio Centro Residencial Universdad, Carrera 19, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

9. Bershka

路 1 reviews

Avenida venezuela, con Av. Argimiro Bracamonte, Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp


路 2 reviews

3PC4+RG2, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela


11. Levi's

路 6 reviews

3PC4+8H8, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela


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