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Lisandro Alvarado University Centroccidental UPTAEB - Universidad Politécnica Territorial Andrés Eloy Blanco University Fermín Toro Cathedral of Barquisimeto Museo de Barquisimeto Liceo Federico Carmona C.C SAMBIL (Barquisimeto) Antonio Herrera Gutierrez stadium Sanctuary of the Divina Pastora Lidotel Hotel Boutique C.C Los Proceres C.C Las Trinitarias Domo Bolivariano DECOTEL Barquisimeto Golf Club Hotel Cavier Centro Cultural Hotel Los Leones Obelisco De Barquisimeto

1. Lisandro Alvarado University Centroccidental

· 91 reviews

Rectorado de la Universidad Centrooccidental Lisandro Alvarado, Carrera 19 entre calles 8 y 9. Edificio Rectorado UCLA, Carrera 19, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Lisandro Alvarado University Centroccidental: what do users think?
Carlos Javier Silva: It needs investment in the infrastructure but the rest remains the same
Abigail Perez: Good
Ernesto david Guillen mujica: It is neglected, teachers making an effort because they do not lower their level
Jose Sivira: Hello, to do a registration process? Information, please.
Sharon Stephan: my alma mater
Fredycson Cabrera: excellent
Maria Fernanda Perez: My alma mater!! The best university for all types of careers! Proud to be a Uclaista!
Luis Infante: Good place .. the facade is quite recovered
zobeida piña: Excellent Study House 🤗💗✨💞
Johanna Páez: Excellent
Wilvardo Alvarado: UCLA, A voice of thought, I don't know if I'm being pedantic with the following words but it is what really comes from my heart THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN VENEZUELA. I remember my years of work in the most excellent institution in Venezuela
Hector R Liccioni B: The best of Venezuela...
carmen lobo: The best
Juan Flores: Excellent educational place that trains professionals
Michel Alexander Rojas Martínez: Excellent attention to students.
Orlando Melendez: It was my home of studies and work; there I retired; Unfortunately, due to the harassment of the current regime, it is in a deplorable state.
Samuel Saavedra: It is currently closed... Studio Control works Tuesday and Wednesday.
Noral Cristina Martinez Reyes: Very good
Maria Machin: Five stars for my dear UCLA who still has his boots on. Not one star for those who have it in ruins, evicted, abandoned...
Ana Rodriguez: Muy bien

2. UPTAEB - Universidad Politécnica Territorial Andrés Eloy Blanco - Parroquia Juan de Villegas



· 86 reviews

2JXQ+WGF, Av. Los Horcones, Av. La Salle, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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UPTAEB - Universidad Politécnica Territorial Andrés Eloy Blanco: what do users think?
Alejandro Pérez: Good education! There is an improvement in the classroom areas, corridors, ceilings, etc.
Nicolas Vargas: An excellent study house but it is necessary to improve its facade
Mauricio Alejandro Ramírez Hernández: The university named after a poet
carmen alicia gonzalez sanchez: A house of university studies that serves more than 6 thousand students in 10 PNF
Leo Torres: Love
Aurymar Alvarez: My house of studies many years ago and now it is again, there are very neglected areas... at the moment it struck me because it was an impression to see weeds everywhere. It would be nice if the competent authorities dedicate themselves to a better care of the institute
yalitza mendoza: Excellent . Very attentive
Cesar David Gonzalez (Cego16): He hadn't come for years, since he was IUTAEB.a great change
Beatriz Vasquez: Estadio de Béisbol UPTAEB, LLamada Básico grande y Básico pequeño, estacionamiento, venta de comida rápida. Lo malo es la falta de agua y los baños siempre están cerrados..
Silvia Oviedo: Es una gran institución egrese de la misma cómoTSU en contaduría.
Angie Salcedo: La universidad politécnica ofrece carreras técnicas, licenciaturas e ingenierías, con modalidad presencial y semi presencial
carmen lobo: Excelente, hoy celebración de los 50 años, se contó con la presencia del coro infantil, orquesta alma llanera y orquesta sinfónica, núcleo cabudare. Todo hermoso.
zoraida josefina rivero mogollon: Excelente 👍
Miguel Altuve: Excellent space, a whole mega university campus, with a dining room and transportation for teachers and students, as well as laboratories and 10 careers to choose from for newcomers. The best: THEY NEVER STOP!!! Despite being a public university, classes never stop.
lUIS MENDOZA: Buenicimo
Isidro Rodriguez: Large facilities but very neglected from the point of maintenance, they require investment

3. University Fermín Toro - Municipio Palavecino

· 106 reviews

2PGH+3MW, Cabudare 3023, Lara, Venezuela

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RAFAEL ROMERO: Buen sitio de estudios on line o presencial
david diaz: I really like Cabudare and all its surroundings
SONIA GUEDEZ: The service is very safe, excellent attention, I congratulate you
Vanessa Colmenarez: University that has a faculty of engineering, a faculty of economic and social sciences, and a faculty of political and legal sciences. Good facilities in addition to the fact that it has a distance class system, that is, online classes.
Marienny Arrieche: Excellent house of studies, with an excellent offer of careers and postgraduate programs
Crsipy No idea: The university is pirated, they pass you by even if you don't know anything and the teachers only evaluate what they give in class, that is to say that you don't need to study from any book or anything, just what the teacher gives in class. They sell you the idea that you are going to pay $90 a month at the exchange rate of the central bank and the truth is that with their fees and ways of paying they really charge you $180 a month, really pirate
odra barradas: It is a bit neglected, but in terms of attention, it is optimal! I recommend it
Liliana Donofrio: Grateful. Greetings to all.
Juan Carlos Castillo: Mi Alma Mater!!!
Wilvardo Alvarado: Tuvo su momento de Gloria, sigue siendo una excelente opción dentro del gran deterioro educativo de nuestro país pero no sé compara lo o que es hoy con lo que fue su época dorada.
Williams Acosta: Universidad Fermin toro unas d ela d mejores universidades privadas no solo del estado lara si no del pais construida por un gran hombre que aún se mantiene en pie!Gran universidad donde puedes conseguir un gran número de carreras una gran oportunidad y ara crecer como profesional y como persona
ChangaTuki - #changatukidevenezuela: Los docentes mal pagados, Liz se opera los senos después que se caso con el abuelo por cariño como le decían los estudiantes a Raúl Quero Silva en el 2009 que dios lo tengan en la santa gloria, Pedro Briseño formándole lio a los estudiantes después que no pagan por que ellos aumentan todo los precios entonces la mejor solución es que el presidente Maduro la despropie de una vez. - @AntonioFernandez muy buena tu reseña medio risa jajajaja
Jesus Melendez: Excelente universidad por su personal, sus docentes, sus instalaciones, laboratorios, por todo, por supuesto tiene muchas cosas por mejorar, pero para mi es la mejor del estado Lara.
Ernesto david Guillen mujica: Una buena oportunidad de estudio on line
jose herrera: Buena universidad
Antonio Fernandez: The truth is, everything is fine, the receptionist welcomes you with pleasure, but the place lacks hygiene
Eddin Rafael Gotera Valbuena: Alma Mater of many professionals, inseminated throughout the world
Zenaida Sánchez: Well
Jesus Eduardo: They are working normally, only administrative procedure for now samples, the sanitary measures are lifted

4. Cathedral of Barquisimeto - Parroquia Concepción

· 1918 reviews

3MFH+FF2, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Cathedral of Barquisimeto: what do users think?
Sunilde Pérez: It rained hard and as the saying goes, it rains more inside than outside. It is sad that such an emblematic site for the city is in such a state of deterioration
Dubraska Montilla de Lucena: Beautiful place of prayer and meeting with the Lord
Anderson Gonzalez Colmenares: A modern place that invites reflection and contemplation. Icon of the city of Barquisimeto
Ruben Borges: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Carmen Rodriguez: The experience of my visit to the Cathedral of Barquisimeto was very enriching. The current parish priest, Father Badoglio Duran, with his team of collaborators, has lovingly managed to get the community they serve to re-involve themselves with the activities of the church, with its maintenance and promoting activities for their physical and spiritual well-being. The beautiful masses and their content, which attract with faith to make this our temple to share the brotherhood in Christ.
marcus martinez: The Cathedral is very beautiful, unfortunately I could not enter because of the time.Before going you should ask about the hours they are open
Engel ortiz Pelon: Visited on WeekendMore
Alexander Morales: Imposing Cathedral
Hortencio A D Alessandro: Visited on Weekday Wait time No waitMore
Maria Vargas: It is a beautiful temple
Will Roman: Extraordinary Mass officiated by Father Badoglio. Totally recommended. The beautiful Cathedral.
Vivian Figueroa: Beautiful and modern architecture, it requires multiple repairs, roof, stained glass, drainage system, even so it is a beautiful temple worth visiting and admiring.
Adolfo José Romero Martínez: The Cathedral is beautiful
Hibelysse ACEVEDO FREITES: The experience has been wonderful. The atmosphere and the energy that is felt thereProcess a lot of Peace...
Euclides Duran: very cozy
Maria Ines delgado Marcucci: beautiful!!! It is not only architecturally beautiful, it is a tourist landmark of Barquisimeto. But in addition to a luminosity only comparable to its spiritual environment
Maira Vetencourt: amazing architecture
Mayra Palencia: I love the architecture of this cathedral, it is unique in its style, and beautiful, an icon of the state of Lara and of Venezuela. Even great artists have made videos in that place, still giving it great importance. More obviously the government must improve its structure, since I went on a rainy day and many wooden benches were super wet...I always recommend that you go, visit and get to know that place, even the father who is there is very good with his sermons!...
Maryeling Peña: The most beautiful thing about me Barquisimeto
Gustavo Adolfo Alvarez Aldana: Excellent place

5. Museo de Barquisimeto - Parroquia Concepción

· 254 reviews

Carrera 15, Calle 25 y 26, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Melbert Guerra: Excellent information
JOSEFA MARIA RODRIGUEZ LINAREZ: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sureMore
Gamaliel Cuicas: The Museum of Barquisimeto keeps an interesting history, it is a fairly calm, quiet place that transmits peace. I thought the recent restoration that was done to it was quite good and deserved, although I have rarely seen it open to the public.I wish they would have more major exhibits and not politicize this place so much.
Maria Alejandra Vasquez: It is in full restoration. They only enable it for specific events
Samuel Arteaga: se encuentra en proceso de restauración y no hay exhibiciones disponibles, pero tienen una pequeña exhibición de fósiles en la parte posterior (megaterio
Carlos Gonzalez: almost always closed
Yelitza Coromoto Perez: The great Barquisimeto museum, beautiful both in its architectural facade, worthy of administration, many stories exposed to the public such as: the first three that existed in our beautiful Barquisimeto Edo Lara, History of the caiman de sanare, also the first image of the divine shepherdess and as The image was changed, the coins of our state Lara among others, but I think that it has already closed its doors to the public, whenever I had the opportunity I would pass now most of the time it is closed the museum is in Carrera 15 between streets 25 and 26
josè G. Colmenarez C.: recreational
Jeksica Vargas: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sureMore
Ulidzan Rivero: It is currently undergoing restoration and rehabilitation of its spaces
José Gregorio Carrasco: place of culture
Angel Boyer: Magnificent place to learn more about the art and culture of Barquisimeto, a bit neglected in terms of the deterioration of specific things, but it is seen that they are working on it.
Luis Mario Gomez: Beautiful
williams colmenares: Beautiful museum. they have to visit
Miguel Heredia: exceptional
Carlos Peroza: very good everything you have fun all day nice
Reymar Duran: interesting place
Luis Sanchez t: Good place to know the history of barquisimeto
Andrea Rivero: More or less

6. Liceo Federico Carmona

· 8 reviews

Urbanización Del Este, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Liceo Federico Carmona: what do users think?
Hector Perez: I lived the best of my life there.
Tulio Diaz: An official high school with a very good structure, but with all the deficiencies of the state institutes.
Adriana Valentina Medina Arenas: the most
daniel ruiz: Sede de la UNES

7. C.C SAMBIL (Barquisimeto)

· 8818 reviews

Avenida Venezuela con Avenida Argimiro Bracamonte, y Av. Críspulo Benitez, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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C.C SAMBIL (Barquisimeto): what do users think?
Joel Rodríguez: Very good place to share with the family. Good recreational activities. Very good deals in stores. It's just that parking is a bit expensive.
Daliz Reyes: my favorite site
Endocrinología Barquisimeto: More expensive parking than other malls
JHON RED FREE: Very good.
JOHNNY VALLADARES: Excellent shopping center the best in Caracas
edgar torrealba: excellent atmosphere
Guillermo Antonio Rodriguez: Excellent I like the environment.
Edward Rincones (Quirico): Excellent place to share with family and friends.
Leon Caceres: Excellent shopping center, neat, easy access, services available. Wide variety of stores, affordable prices
Edixon Montes: Clean and tidy I see new stores 👍🏼
Richard Nieto: It is a very well organized shopping center, its access is easy, it has ample parking, a food fair where you can taste a wide variety of dishes at affordable prices, very good services, and great lighting.
Mariel Alexandra Duque Molina: Excellent Sambil Shopping center has everything
Jesús Alberto Carrillo Rodríguez: Excellent to hang out
Iris Mendez: I love the food court..there is everything and for everyone..a place that, even if you don't go with money, de-stresses you
Eduardo Rivero: Other level
Marco Castillo: Warm and pleasant place.
ALFREDO JACOTTE: Excellent spacious, comfortable and safe shopping center except for the bad experience with the heat and constant power cuts, I did not know the reason
Merlin Vielma: great
Antonio Royo: Pleasant atmosphere and varied food at its fair

8. Antonio Herrera Gutierrez stadium - Parroquia Juan de Villegas

· 1834 reviews

11 Av. 20, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Antonio Herrera Gutierrez stadium: what do users think?
emil simon Tovar: Very good place to share
Milagros Torrealba: The Cardinals nest... The best
bladimir rojas: very good
zulimar mendoza: Excellent game Cardinals & La Guaira
Red: Excelnye
Luzmery gil: I love
Emilia De Molina: It was an excellent experience thanks to Jehovah to enjoy with family ❤️
Carlos Peinado: Spacious and modern. In general it is in good condition.
KEYLA P. CORDERO VÉLIZ: Excellent ... better impossible with the triumph of the great Cardenales de Lara
WEIDY MANZI: Excellent facilities...
Frio Pastor: Very well checking the Aires Ac
Jose_pr0 jose_pr0: Very cool
George Hoss: The nest of the cardinals of Lara
Eduardo Pérez Bastidas: The best baseball stadium!
Livvaneza Piña: Excellent!!!
Pablo Infante: Infrastructure is preserved
Rafael Gustavo Mendoza Herrera: good stadium
Ali Samir Dalia Rodriguez: Excellent stadium and excellent service

9. Sanctuary of the Divina Pastora

· 576 reviews

3P5H+QXV, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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Sanctuary of the Divina Pastora: what do users think?
Orlanny Veracierta: How beautiful what can you expect from the house of God
Guervis Simancas: Spectacular colonial atmosphere and tranquility
Libwill Pineda: Beautiful place in Santa RosaVisited on Weekend Wait time No wait …More
Maria Gabriela De Godoy: The Sanctuary is beautiful, each visit is a great experience.
Ely Saul Sequera: Visited on WeekdayMore
Luis Garcia: Good place to spend a Saturday or Sunday for a walk with the family
Germán Diaz: It is a place where you live in peace
Ahida Cortez Rojas: Wonderful place of spiritual recollection.
Isvelia Josefina Vargas Hernandez: More public 🚾🚻 services are needed for people who visit the place.
Gus Urquia: It will always be a pleasure to visit our Divina Pastora
Xavier Rodriguez: Excellent place to recreate and above all seek God through Mary
Rudy Rosendo: place of faith
Elimar Torrealba: Beautiful!!!
Manuel Hernandez: Great place to visit
Lucia Pace: Very pretty and well cared for
Alejandra Barcos: Church very clean, well cared for as well as its surrounding spaces, they have nearby restaurants, coffee, ice cream parlor, Río Turbio viewpoint, police station, outpatient medical center. Parking lot
Roxana Trujillo: A beautiful place with a spiritual atmosphere. Appropriate for visiting temples and other ecclesiastical activities of the Catholic Church.

10. Lidotel Hotel Boutique

· 1642 reviews

Avenida Venezuela, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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11. C.C Los Proceres

· 1717 reviews

y, Av. Avenida Venezuela entre Av. Argimiro Bracamonte, Av. Los Leones, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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12. C.C Las Trinitarias

· 6807 reviews

Av. Los Leones, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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13. Domo Bolivariano

· 401 reviews

Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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· 307 reviews

Entre Calle 6 y 7, Carrera 4, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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15. Barquisimeto Golf Club - Parroquia José Gregorio Bastidas

· 240 reviews

Cabudare 3023, Lara, Venezuela

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16. Hotel Cavier - Parroquia Concepción

· 284 reviews

Carrera 19 CON CALLES 29 Y 30,Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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17. Centro Cultural "Flor de Venezuela"

· 2528 reviews

con Esquina sureste, Av. Argimiro Bracamonte, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela


18. Hotel Los Leones

· 284 reviews

Avenida Venezuela, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Obelisco De Barquisimeto

· 1714 reviews

Av. Pedro León Torres, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

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